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CEOS Working Group on Disasters (WGDisasters)

The overarching goals of WGDisasters are to increase and strengthen satellite Earth observation contributions to the various Disaster Risk Management (DRM) phases, and to educate politicians, decision-makers, and major stakeholders on the benefits of using satellite Earth Observations in each of those phases. To achieve these goals, CEOS Agencies have agreed to a series of objectives and supporting actions that will improve the coordination of satellite acquisition and data distribution, and foster the use of satellite data by DRM users. Objectives include:

– Define a global satellite observation strategy for DRM, including a detailed assessment of needs, gaps, and satellite Earth observation requirements and the development of a strategy;

– Ensure the appropriate inclusion of satellite Earth observations in the Post-2015 framewor for disaster risk reduction process;

– Continue other supporting actions, including DRM Outreach & Evaluation of CEOS DRM Actions, satellite Earth observation capacity building for DRM, and satellite Earth observation DRM Projects Database.

Further reading and contacts for WGDisasters can be found on the CEOS website:

EO Handbook Online

The full text of this report is available on the Earth Observation Handbook’s website at A supporting database of the satellite missions, instruments and measurements is available at and contains powerful search and presentation tools, with the ability to export customised tables and timelines in support of analyses of current and planned provision of observations in support of different applications and measurements.